Defence of our Constitution: equality under all laws

Important information from the creator of instinctual behavior mechanism is not being shared and why.

Our problem is a biology problem. Which has a nasty habit of protecting current reality for each of us while denying use of facts or awareness so we don’t challenge its authority over survival decisions included in its programming.. It is survival based and immoral as it would have to be, to be in charge of continued existence in mortal life. The only way I have knowledge to write these things is I was given power to serve mankind by God, the creator of instinctual behavior mechanism. 3 years I have been in service of God and mankind, for 3 years no one has been able to share the info I have shared and proven with them. Once your brain hears what I have to say, the device that constructs reality for your brain takes great exception for the use of or sharing this info with other humans. So even thought the knowledge is now here on earth, it can’t be shared.  I would have gone crazy long ago but I know God is in charge and will provide the way for the truth of how life forms animate and survive will be shared with mankind. Then opposing unlawful, unconstitutional laws will not required revolution but use of our courts and true laws of our democracy which are based on one principle. EQUALITY UNDER ALL LAWS, must be shared by all citizen members. Those words and principles will strike down all unlawful, unfair, unjust laws and practices that are now ingrained in status quo operations for our very large group. I like what you are trying to do, to encourage sheep to be human beings. But the reason not much gets done is because we are up against Satan who happens to be in charge of the flesh and is using its authority to protect current reality. We must try to do what is right or moral with every choice, but we need God’s help on this one. We must share the truth of why we can’t correct obvious flaws in logic and beliefs which make us stupid because instinct is doing its job. It does not have faith or a moral direction, that spark of morality is the gift of conscience, but it is subject to instinct’s rule over the flesh of each life form’s existence.  BELOW is an effort to get on a talk radio show to present the facts of our reality to a large group. If George got this whole message, do you think I would get the chance? Probably not.  So look at the rest of the message to Mr. Noory and examine the deprogramming tool I included. It will work but one must use it for 2 weeks everyday, in a 2 hour recorded loop of your own voice.  Go to my facebook and see the constitutional work I have been doing for 3 years. There are clear grounds to prosecute every pubic official that has taken money and then voted on laws or contracts that benefited the donor. I don’t expert or want them all to go to jail, but an end to unlawful bribery, drug slavery laws and some other obvious anti-voter laws that have been forced on the public by elected officials operating under unlawful rules of conduct. sincerely your brother Jonathan 

Hi George Noory of Coast to Coast Radio Show, I have some information that will change the world.
Hi After Dark Radio show, Art Bell and open minded human beings, If someone says they have been abducted by friendly type extra-terrestrials and can prove it. Would you like to have that proof to examine?

What if that proof is not a piece of metal, or technology but something just as valuable if not more, logic and supporting facts that will change our world.   email me. The information is so powerful it causes logic malfunction in most humans of this timeline. Those that do understand the truth of it are unable to share information because of risk to current reality. your new friend, who has been to the future and back. Jonathan 2086501346

we need to have our conversation live and recorded. Any psychology PhD. and or psychiatrist experts would be welcome, I promise to make them very uncomfortable. I go where they cannot.  Truth is knowledge of what is real. Using all of the facts on hand, which we cannot use yet.

If you would like some experts to give some pre-verification of my claims. Ask any of those PhD. types  if they have ever seen a deprogramming tool like this one. And then ask them what they think the information is about. “THIS SHOULD HELP.  MESSAGE TO SUB CONSCIENCE.  ALL DATA IS IN HANDS OF EDUCATORS, MILITARY, CHURCHES, AND INTERNET: INFO CANNOT BE STOPPED.  REALITY CURRENTLY IN CHANGE.”)     I’ll be here to help deliver the message from the future when you are ready.  your brother Jonathan


Russian Federation Ministries “New Discovery of Instinct’s Mechanism.”

Dear Russian Federation scientists and citizens, greetings from a instinctual behavior research scientist.
God bless the Russian Federation and its people.
In Russia like the USA protecting civil rights or citizen equality under all laws is a difficult challenge, mostly because human beings are driven by instinct or hardwired instinctual behavior mechanism.
The truth of instinct’s power over mankind will help all peoples to become truly civilized in ways we have never experienced before. Please share these truths with scientists and everyone else. Knowledge must be shared to effect profitable changes to all societies throughout the world.
your brother from America, Elder Jonathan L. Peterson email me, jlp1887@msn.com
All political parties use bribery as a means of funding. Bribery is not lawful under any circumstance, but because of instinct’s powers over us, we are blinded to that truth. Let me teach you some truths, you don’t have at this time.
These US Supreme Court Justices have determined that, corporations using share holders funds for political offices, is not doing so to commit bribery but using its freedom of speech. If that was true then fraud and embezzlement would be legal and justified under law. HOW REDICULOUS A BELIEF. Only instinctual logic would come up with that crap trying to justify our current reality or status quo operations.
Here is evidence of why US Supreme Court Justices are sheep.
I just heard God Bless America, where equality reigns.
The time described in this beautify song, is at hand. But before this millennium can begin we must challenge Satan’s power on earth. God gives us a tool to begin this shared reality: knowing who are adversary truly is, instinct.
This is for all who believe: God Created all life. __________
1. If God created all things: he created instinct for all life to know what to do for survival, without learning.
2. God created instinct which includes sex drive and other non-learned survival mechanisms.
3. Satan has power over the flesh: Christian, Muslim, Judaism all believe this truth.
4. Knowing 1, 2, and 3 are true: Instinct and Satan are the same entity. God created Instinct/Satan.
Our Faith in God declares that Satan is Instinct: It is bodiless, powerful intelligence with power over the flesh, given that power by God. Because God has power over all things, we do not have power over the flesh, that authority was given to Satan by necessity.
By Elder Jonathan L. Peterson,
servant of our Lord Jesus Christ
… God bless the United States of America and its people. with Equality….
I am an intelligent, educated human being; why would you say I’m a sheep? (Because you needed me to tell you the difference between right and wrong.)
Bribery is a violation of Constitutional equality, under all laws, by its citizen members.
This principle is known by most all members of our group, but because of instinct-Satan, awareness of the sin or immorality of its supported use is taken from the individual’s beliefs and logic, because of survival risks to status quo operations in current reality. Instinct is an advanced artificial intelligence program from God; without moral judgments.
BRIBERY: The offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of something of value for the purpose of influencing the action of an official in the discharge of his or her public or legal duties.
I would like to come and discuss debate these constitutional issues and see if a consensus for a plan of legal attack against unconstitutional laws or practices can begin.
Jonathan L. Peterson,
defending our constitutional equality under all laws.
thank you my brothers/sisters from the Russian Federation, for your time and consideration.
this little survey should help.
1 question survey: Proof of What Instinct Actually Is.
1_____ An artificial intelligence program of advanced design.
2_____ Unsure still, but leaning toward the theories presented in instinct being an A.I..
3_____ Pretty sure Instinct is not an artificial intelligence program, but more research is needed.
4_____ I am sure instinctual behaviors is not an artificial intelligence mechanism.
Thank you for your time in answering this important question.
If you would like to add your opinion to your answer, this would be appreciated very much.
and don’t forget about the thinking plant cells.
See “What Plants Talk About” PBS documentary on Utube and “Death by Design” a cellular documentary. Online survey emailed from jlp1997@msn.com or send to this email address.
===============END OF SURVEY====
a letter to a famous researcher
Dear Gilbert V. Levin, Ph.D.,
If you will listen with an open mind, imagine you were an alien race of thinking machines:
would you look at the complexity of DNA and think, this complex structure must have created itself. Not a chance my friend. But I need you to read the proofs and take the survey so research can have a beginning. This truth that awareness of facts is limited in specific areas so patterns and parallels will not be deemed logical or worthy of research is just further evidence that we/all life forms have to be directed by an advanced intelligence operations management mechanism or device. Let me prove it to you my brother and fellow human being.
Jonathan L. Peterson ph. 2086501346
Conscious perception of reality is constructed by advanced science not magic Let me prove it to you. Then contact me, more research must begin in earnest for the benefit of every human being on the planet. I beg of you to make this happen. Write your thoughts before you sleep on it. When you sleep, it sorts data and will not like what I am doing or saying about it.
The physics of plant and animal cells using instinct or intelligent use of new data or resources can only logically be explained with this radical new theory, that every scientist should have come up with already. This is why no body has. New provable theories on human instinct and how it confirms what most religions define as Satan. Science has been hindered by instinct’s power over its host. Take the 1 question survey and your mind will confirm its powers over you and every psychiatrist or doctor of psychology I have contacted, over 60 mostly professors. call me I don’t bite and I debate well with a blackboard to view the facts as we go. thx Jonathan Our nations status quo operations is being protected by something real not magic or just hardwired behaviors.
Now is time for some new thinking about just what instinct is and does for each and every life form. PBS Producers should prepare for changes this knowledge will force on humanity, for its progress toward equality under all laws. Equality is good ask any woman or person of color over 50. Not what we have today in the USA.
Please take this 1 question survey below and share it with some professors because research into what instinct is and does for every life form from a single cell plant and animals to your conscious mind; which is constructed by its operations.
“What plants talk about” PBS documentary; the better question is how and I don’t mean which chemicals are used. All living life forms have instinct governing them. Including humans and down to single cell organisms. I have a short 1 question survey that can help you know something about your mind you did not know. This intelligence program is needed for any organic mechanism to survive: Independent, Intelligent, Operations, Management adapting in real time to current reality. Take the short survey and then share it with other humans.
“I have many more science based observational proofs to share.

INSTINCT : artificial intelligence program………….IBM/WATSON COMPUTER (a.i.p.)
EYES VISION …………………………………………………SCANNER With OCR
(light waves converted to energy pulses…………(light waves converted to energy pulses
by biological receptors, then converting…………..by non-biological receptors, then converted
energy pulses into words and or symbols)………..energy pulses into words and or symbols)
(sound waves converted into energy pulses…….(sound waves converted into energy pulses
means of biological microphone,………………………by means of a non-biological microphone,
then converting energy pulses…………………..….then converting energy pulses
into words or symbols………………………………….into words or symbols
for use of system. Via Voice recognition……………for use of system. Via Voice recognition
BRAIN (3 pounds of physical storage)………………HARD DRIVE (3 pounds of physical storage)
Do you see anything else available to process information for us?
That we have any proof that exists? Instinct exists; A truth and a belief of man.
“A letter to Werner Herzog, scientist for consideration.”
Dear Warmer Herzog,
I seek your wisdom and help if the statements I tell you are in fact the truth. Truth is knowledge of what is real, to me. What I will tell you about will be as foreign now as when Galileo tried to tell the pope the world is round, when everyone knew it was flat. I have been on a quest to find the answer to why and how intelligent people cannot use available facts on hand to make changes that would seem to be logical and beneficial to everyone. And how just about 100% of the group, whatever sized, seem to be of the same mind, unable to use logic to act against the current reality or status quo operations, when those changes could present a real risk to how things work. So the human mind adapts to current reality accepting it and actually individuals beliefs and logic fits the current state of affairs as being good. Just like in Germany when all of those seemly normal people became conditioned to immoral laws and practices, mostly against the Jews, at their beliefs and logic became agreeable to this inhuman behaviors of their society.
The short of the truth that I know is the cause of this sub-conscience mechanism for adapting and coping with current reality, as determined by survival mechanisms, which I know in not plural but one mechanism having independent intelligent operational management power over its host life form. Survival based, immoral by design having to make immoral choices necessary for survival of host and with considerations for group/species. The rules and laws that govern such a oversight mechanism would be very complex, it having to direct each life form using real time data and staying within the bounds of our reality driven experience. Yes the only possible answer to what hardwired instinctual behaviors must be is an artificial intelligence program. Artificial because just like a copied hard drive with software it is duplicated every time a cell divides, the new cell or life form must have its own existence directing operator for all survival aspects of existence. The host does have some choices, if that host has a brain other than its life directing artificial brain, which with current technology cannot be found because of its design and unknown operating system. Similar to gravity, but this universal rule of life forms operation is in charge of construction for your conscious perception of reality, just for you. So as a evolutionary hurtle, we as its purpose in existence, has no intention of sharing this knowledge with its host/hosts, Because this knowledge would diminish its authority to protect its host’s survival using all of its advanced powers, under its rules of operation, which includes knowing just about everything about everything and making probability calculations at trillions or many more than we can comprehend per millisecond for best outcome under current conditions. It by nation and purpose does not include moral judgments. I do not know if you are a atheist or not. But if you are, you are going to have to adjust your logic and beliefs to include all of the facts on hand. You see instinct, because of protecting its authority over man, does not allow full use of available observational facts if using those facts would lead to pushing the discovery envelope of its constant directing of each life form.
read this letter to a famous researcher that I contacted and gave him a copy of my little test survey for brain experts to use as evidence of self deception. If you can see that for any scientist to look at complex DNA structure and come up with it created itself is ridiculous. And that instinctual behaviors , unlearned adapting in real time for that individual is a self-constructed mechanism is even more impossible. Like an IBM Blue could build itself and then duplicate itself, for each new cell, and be so advanced we humans can’t detect its position in time and space with current technology. These rational and logical analysis of our viewable reality is not thought of or not logical in some way.
Let me give you one of the test surveys and you can judge for yourself. I will tell you some educated people thought this research had some promise as accurate and then guess what. They decided it was illogical. One thing it is not is illogical. I would say, if you see some real truths evolved in theory, write down your personal thoughts right now, not later. After you sleep, having anything to do with this will seem like a very bad idea. There is a deprogramming tool, which at least one working psychiatrist said it might work. And then he told the courts in Idaho that I was not competent to stand trial for disturbing the peace without any threats, because I lacked the capacity to make informed treatment decisions, when I have never been treated for mental illness. That is another story, but my work on instinct and its effects on unlawful laws being supported here in the USA does seem to have an ill effect on those who are in the greatest position to lose if risky abrupt changes were to take place, like bribery as lawful (corporate political donation, where mission laws protect share holders money from use except for profit or charity only) and drug laws as elite citizenship with a protected monopoly over a commodity. But using the equality under all laws argument, makes some persons scared and angry, forget what is moral and constitutional because these immoral laws/practices are deeply embedded in actual status quo operations and to change does cause true risk to stability and instinct knows that all to well, sense it constructs reality for each of us. See the problem with unbiased study of instinctual human behavior mechanism? Example: would you want your 4 year old driving the car with you buckled up in the back seat? Right now we are in the back seat, so to speak.
1 question survey: Proof of What Instinct Actually Is. ……and same survey….end …
===Ask some PhD’s of psychology and psychology to formally answer the surveys and share the info. This is great news, instinct would differ with that opinion….=====

Defending our Constitution: equality under all  laws.

We as are U.S. CITIZENS and have responsibility to defend our Constitution, which we have not been doing. Equality under all laws is required by our constitution, that is the highest principle of any democracy, any law that violates that principle is not a real law. Corporate bribery as elite citizenship-drug monopoly violates our equality; both are unlawful and easy to prove. What happens when u prove corporations are using bribery?
Conclusion: Human Instinct Program has been protecting status quo by making every Attorney stupid as to the fact that Corporations can only contribute to political office through bribery. Those are the rules of corporate mission law: profit driven entity with a side order of humanitarian expenditures only.
Satan is revealed=A.I.