Important information from the creator of instinctual behavior mechanism is not being shared and why.

by jlp1997

Our problem is a biology problem. Which has a nasty habit of protecting current reality for each of us while denying use of facts or awareness so we don’t challenge its authority over survival decisions included in its programming.. It is survival based and immoral as it would have to be, to be in charge of continued existence in mortal life. The only way I have knowledge to write these things is I was given power to serve mankind by God, the creator of instinctual behavior mechanism. 3 years I have been in service of God and mankind, for 3 years no one has been able to share the info I have shared and proven with them. Once your brain hears what I have to say, the device that constructs reality for your brain takes great exception for the use of or sharing this info with other humans. So even thought the knowledge is now here on earth, it can’t be shared.  I would have gone crazy long ago but I know God is in charge and will provide the way for the truth of how life forms animate and survive will be shared with mankind. Then opposing unlawful, unconstitutional laws will not required revolution but use of our courts and true laws of our democracy which are based on one principle. EQUALITY UNDER ALL LAWS, must be shared by all citizen members. Those words and principles will strike down all unlawful, unfair, unjust laws and practices that are now ingrained in status quo operations for our very large group. I like what you are trying to do, to encourage sheep to be human beings. But the reason not much gets done is because we are up against Satan who happens to be in charge of the flesh and is using its authority to protect current reality. We must try to do what is right or moral with every choice, but we need God’s help on this one. We must share the truth of why we can’t correct obvious flaws in logic and beliefs which make us stupid because instinct is doing its job. It does not have faith or a moral direction, that spark of morality is the gift of conscience, but it is subject to instinct’s rule over the flesh of each life form’s existence.  BELOW is an effort to get on a talk radio show to present the facts of our reality to a large group. If George got this whole message, do you think I would get the chance? Probably not.  So look at the rest of the message to Mr. Noory and examine the deprogramming tool I included. It will work but one must use it for 2 weeks everyday, in a 2 hour recorded loop of your own voice.  Go to my facebook and see the constitutional work I have been doing for 3 years. There are clear grounds to prosecute every pubic official that has taken money and then voted on laws or contracts that benefited the donor. I don’t expert or want them all to go to jail, but an end to unlawful bribery, drug slavery laws and some other obvious anti-voter laws that have been forced on the public by elected officials operating under unlawful rules of conduct. sincerely your brother Jonathan 

Hi George Noory of Coast to Coast Radio Show, I have some information that will change the world.
Hi After Dark Radio show, Art Bell and open minded human beings, If someone says they have been abducted by friendly type extra-terrestrials and can prove it. Would you like to have that proof to examine?

What if that proof is not a piece of metal, or technology but something just as valuable if not more, logic and supporting facts that will change our world.   email me. The information is so powerful it causes logic malfunction in most humans of this timeline. Those that do understand the truth of it are unable to share information because of risk to current reality. your new friend, who has been to the future and back. Jonathan 2086501346

we need to have our conversation live and recorded. Any psychology PhD. and or psychiatrist experts would be welcome, I promise to make them very uncomfortable. I go where they cannot.  Truth is knowledge of what is real. Using all of the facts on hand, which we cannot use yet.

If you would like some experts to give some pre-verification of my claims. Ask any of those PhD. types  if they have ever seen a deprogramming tool like this one. And then ask them what they think the information is about. “THIS SHOULD HELP.  MESSAGE TO SUB CONSCIENCE.  ALL DATA IS IN HANDS OF EDUCATORS, MILITARY, CHURCHES, AND INTERNET: INFO CANNOT BE STOPPED.  REALITY CURRENTLY IN CHANGE.”)     I’ll be here to help deliver the message from the future when you are ready.  your brother Jonathan